04:44pm 10/02/2003
  i think i forgot to mention in a non friends only post that i dont use this journal anymore. my new username is kiton  
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12:14pm 15/12/2002
mood: pissed off
red bull and camembert for breakfast
where the fuck is alex lloyds neck??
i even smell sick, yuck. i need to have a shower
i dont think im making it out tonight. which makes me angrrrryyyyy. i wanna see my bootiful girls. ::sigh::
i need to finish packing up my stuff. how the hell can i have so many clothes and never anything to wear???
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10:38pm 14/12/2002
mood: hot
grr icq is being a fuck.
i need to find a good bright pink eyeshadow but everything is too pale.
i wont be able to sleep tonight again. grrr. i hope scott is ok at work cos hes still sick. poor muffin. im sick of sickness! grrr. at least its better to get sick before xmas rather then during it.
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07:27pm 14/12/2002
mood: sick
ugh im sick. i hate being sick. i missed out on fun night last night. but i am going to do my best to be well for tomorrow night. i will get drunk, i will take drugs, and i will strike a pose damnit. but at the moment all i want to do is curl into a ball and sleep. ugh its gross. and i went shopping with mum, looking like hell (in a bad way) and saw people from school that i wouldnt normally want to see on a good day. now im happy cos i have red bull.
mum bought me new lipstick. can never have too many red lipsticks.
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02:34pm 10/12/2002
mood: hopeful
erins labret actually looks pretty good. her mum took it pretty easy considering ive gotten both her children pierced heheh. poor scott has the flu :( im at mums at the moment to help her pack and clean up all my stuff. i reaaaaaallly want to go out this weekend but i think i am going to grit my teeth and save for melbourne. but i miss my friends ::pout:: i wanna get wasted and dance. i guess if i go for dollar drinks on thursday or maybe sunday it wouldnt be too bad. whos going? hrmmm? ::bats eyelashes:: you know you all want to come bust a move with me. hehehe. i know what scotts getting for xmas from his mum and its RAD. everythings happening so quickly, i have xmas shopping to do, people to catch up with and we leave in 10 days. eeeek. also have to orginise a way to get to the airport, we`ll have to leave at 5:30am ugh. i wanna join the mile high club ;)
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11:44am 08/12/2002
mood: naughty
ive gone dark brown/violet/red hair now. its purdy.
took about 4 hours to get done in the hairdressers but its done.
bbq today. i love sundays. no pressure to make any phone calls or do anything because its sunday. just sit back and eat meat. mmmmeat.
i had a violet crumble ice cream for breakfast. go me.
im taking scotts sister to get her labret pierced tomorrow. oooo exciting. i hope itll look good.

HAPPY 20th khris!!

hope everyone had a good weekend!
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03:38pm 04/12/2002
mood: thirsty
i got a hairwrap thingy from kate today ooo its so pretty, its red, white, silver and black with beads that say kiton. \m/
i left my cigarette holder at decadance. hrmph. but at least i actually have cigarettes at the moment.
not long to go till melbourne, ooo exciting. im thinking of getting a tattoo when im down there. i know what i want but ill have to see if theres any cool artists down there. i wanna go to luna park too.
my blonde girl is sooooo itchy its getting really annoying. its all swollen up and bumpy and ouchie. ::sigh::
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08:53pm 03/12/2002
mood: amused
meeeeeoow...me, beck, raymonda and lash are in the paper. ::rock::
were so purdy. i shoulda bought more then one copy.
i think i was grinding my teef in my sleep, now i have a big swollen cheek thing. grrr. we went to the beach today and now i am all sandy.
were going to go rent a cheesey 80s movie.
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11:32pm 01/12/2002
mood: naughty
man im tired. last night went good good, ill write more on it later when i can actually remember stuff. but everyone looked great and the video turned out fab you ROCK beck ::claps:: scott and i dont want to go to bed yet so were trying to find a video but his sister has taped over all the good ones with total girlie crap. i really want to redesign my page but i just dont have the attention span at the moment. im dehydrated. we went to a xmas bbq today which was good. though i couldnt eat much. we got lollies and santa gave me a present. woo hoo! we had lots of fun. oh so in love. i need to call the doctor tomorrow to get some hardcore painkillers. ooo scotts breaking out some pink cake. that cant be good at 11:30pm when we already cant sleep. mmmmpink...
08:56am 29/11/2002
mood: rushed
mega weird dreams.
running late for my doctors appointment. grrr. ah well cant be helped.
decedance tomorrow night + out + drugs = ::purrs::
my nose is crusty.
im bleaching my hair tonight + breaking out the fudge
mmmmmm red...
a gorgeous girl sent me a big thing with cherry bath stuff, knickers and socks. i like cherries.
12:38pm 26/11/2002
mood: aggravated
ldgihglkhadgldhyghadiasodighas i dont know what the technical term is but its FUCKED UP
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08:56am 23/11/2002
mood: sad
Ali, my siamese fighting fish, died last night. going to bury him in the yard tonight. hrmph.
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11:13am 21/11/2002
mood: aggravated
diuohuskuhdlihd. a man was stabbed a few times and hit over the head with a baseball bat in the middle of surfers last night and what happens? fuckin schoolies throw fruit and ice at the police! another two guys got in a fight at the pizza shop and fell through a glass cabinent slashing his neck and now hes in hospital. this kinda thing rarely happens on a normal night here. if you cant behave yourselves then fucken go home. i dont want to go out to our regular clubs cos its too dangerous and i have my boyfriend working security! eaigjrslhj and theres over three more weeks...
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10:42am 21/11/2002
mood: chipper
my carbon dioxide baby is gone! yay! but now i have a big yellow bruise down my tummy but thats not so bad. dad just called "i rang the pharmacy and they have your IUD and gel ready to pick up" hahahah im not sure if he actually knew what it was but he paid for it anyway. im feeling really good today. i miss scott but hes coming over at 1 and were going up to brissie to do the rest of the cleaning on the unit. not the most romantic thing but better then nothing!
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10:49am 20/11/2002
mood: awake
feeling alot better today. just a bit sore. i wish i could go swimming. grrr.. scott brought me a get well present, my bounty hunter t shirt we ordered ages ago. woo hoo! although it kinda fits strange because of my carbon dioxide baby. ooo dont forget to VOTE FOR ME!!!! ;) (thanks everyone who already has. you guys rock! mwahs!)
02:15pm 19/11/2002
mood: ditzy
so i had my little operation thing yesterday. everything went well, i guess, not quite sure hehe. im still really fucked up and cant stay awake for long without feeling dizzy and faint. took my little bandages off and passed out, had a shower and passed out. im hungry but i cant go down the shops or else ill pass out. damnit i want fooood. dont find out any of the results or whatever till i go back to the dr. mwahs xo
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11:41am 19/11/2002
  VOTE FOR ME!!!! pwease ;)  
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08:37pm 18/11/2002
mood: sore
i have wounds...
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11:04am 13/11/2002
mood: exhausted
everything went pretty smoothly last night. i was stressed about having to move furniture from a massive truck in the middle of surfers but it all went well.i am tired. theres nothing to do tonight! tomorrow we go back up to get another load of stuff and sort out stuff with the real estate and maybe go to the party mmmmmparty. friday night is substance night..mmmm... did i mention that i am absoloutly exhausted? poor scott had to go to orientation for his schoolies job today and he is even more tired then me. ::yawn::
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09:52pm 11/11/2002
mood: aggravated
*(1)people who delete their friends list or create a new journal and say "if you want to be on my friends list tell me", seriously, if you want someone on your friend list put them on it! do you really need someone else to tell you who your friends are? or is the old "ill add you if you add me"? if you want someone on your friends list then put them on it!
*(2)people who go on and on about their depression and the amount of medication theyre on all the time. dont you think that will make you more depressed? get out in the fresh air and do something about it. sitting at home popping pill after pill and overanalysing why you feel shit really isnt going to solve anything, believe me. yeh im depressed, yeh im on medication, yeh i have so called disorders but no amount of wallowing in self pity is going to cure that.
*a partner is not going to solve your problems, just magnify them and put them on someone else.
*my fingernails keep fucking chipping from moving stuff all day.
*stupid fucking employers that constantly promise to call you and never do and when you call them they say they will call you tomorrow, and of course, never do.
*hoping that there is something seriously wrong with your reproductive organs for fear of wasteing over $2000
*searching for hours to find the perfect item on the internet only to learn they will not ship to australia or the shipping is double the actual price of the item

(1) not directed at anyone in particular, ive just been seeing it waaay to often lately on different sites.
(2)also not directed at anyone in particular, i may seem harsh but yes indeed this is a rant.
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