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*(1)people who delete their friends list or create a new journal and say "if you want to be on my friends list tell me", seriously, if you want someone on your friend list put them on it! do you really need someone else to tell you who your friends are? or is the old "ill add you if you add me"? if you want someone on your friends list then put them on it!
*(2)people who go on and on about their depression and the amount of medication theyre on all the time. dont you think that will make you more depressed? get out in the fresh air and do something about it. sitting at home popping pill after pill and overanalysing why you feel shit really isnt going to solve anything, believe me. yeh im depressed, yeh im on medication, yeh i have so called disorders but no amount of wallowing in self pity is going to cure that.
*a partner is not going to solve your problems, just magnify them and put them on someone else.
*my fingernails keep fucking chipping from moving stuff all day.
*stupid fucking employers that constantly promise to call you and never do and when you call them they say they will call you tomorrow, and of course, never do.
*hoping that there is something seriously wrong with your reproductive organs for fear of wasteing over $2000
*searching for hours to find the perfect item on the internet only to learn they will not ship to australia or the shipping is double the actual price of the item

(1) not directed at anyone in particular, ive just been seeing it waaay to often lately on different sites.
(2)also not directed at anyone in particular, i may seem harsh but yes indeed this is a rant.
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