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erins labret actually looks pretty good. her mum took it pretty easy considering ive gotten both her children pierced heheh. poor scott has the flu :( im at mums at the moment to help her pack and clean up all my stuff. i reaaaaaallly want to go out this weekend but i think i am going to grit my teeth and save for melbourne. but i miss my friends ::pout:: i wanna get wasted and dance. i guess if i go for dollar drinks on thursday or maybe sunday it wouldnt be too bad. whos going? hrmmm? ::bats eyelashes:: you know you all want to come bust a move with me. hehehe. i know what scotts getting for xmas from his mum and its RAD. everythings happening so quickly, i have xmas shopping to do, people to catch up with and we leave in 10 days. eeeek. also have to orginise a way to get to the airport, we`ll have to leave at 5:30am ugh. i wanna join the mile high club ;)
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