06:16pm 11/11/2002
mood: busy
Harry rocks my socks
would not have been able to get everything done today without him

my job prospects are looking up. so that is good news.
am looking forward to friday. mmmsubstances...
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10:47pm 10/11/2002
mood: horny
i can smell burning hair
its coming from outside
time for sex
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06:21pm 10/11/2002
mood: pleased
Glamour Queen
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06:11pm 10/11/2002
  the cemetary tour last night was unreal.
i want to go again
Brisbane Ghost Tours
06:07pm 10/11/2002
mood: aggravated
i hate moving, i hate packing, i hate cleaning, i hate garbage bags that claim to be "tuff" but actually are crap, i hate stupid stupid employers that swear they will call you and dont and then when you call them they tell you they will definatly call you on wednesday. degsrhetdjgtfjgf i hate not having enough boxes. i never even knew we had so much stuff.
i feel better now. i am ignoreing all the stuff i urgently have to do. i have no idea where to start on packing. we still have tonight and one more day so it should eventually get done.
oh yeah did i mention were moving?
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04:09pm 10/11/2002
mood: busy
get ready to say bye bye brisbane!
11:41am 08/11/2002
mood: content
ooo we had a car accident yesterday, nothing major, just a courier van hit our front bumper cos he wasnt watching where he was going. could have been alot worse tho. but now we get a new bumper so thats good. was a bit scarey.
my throat is sore from smoking yuky cigarettes. i want my malboro lights damnit.
we are back down the coast for reasons i can not say right now.
i have caramello ice cream and we had tacos for dinner mmmmm
oh and apparently...
The Subculture Label Quiz

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07:15pm 06/11/2002
mood: ditzy
ooo i am home, horay!
what kind of outfit does one wear to a graveyard tour?
i want to dress up but nothing too outrageous cos that would be a little bit sad.
i am going to get soooo drunk ::nods::
am starting to fret about covering my tattoos over the two days at the grandparents house. i just would not feel comfortable with them seeing them. so everyone pray for cold weather in bundy please
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12:14am 06/11/2002
mood: uncomfortable
home time. after jerry springer of course.
we won a little bit of money on the cup yesterday. i picked mr prudent a week ago but didnt end up betting on him! grr..
but we got drunk and had a good time at the surf club. but i got the worst headache and couldnt sleep. but all is good now and we have chocolate mudcake ice cream in the fridge mmm...
so ill be back down the coast on tuesday for four weeks...mmmmhrmm...
mwahs xo
11:03pm 05/11/2002
mood: loved
mmmdiet coke breakfast.
i love the melbourne cup. next year im going to get a hat ::nods:: i remember when i was younger and mum used to let me take the day off school for the melbourne cup and we would have cheese and champagne and watch it on tv.
operation has been bumped to the 18th of November. stupid stupid stupid. its going to cost over $2000, thank goodness for dad. (never thought i would say that!)
i really need to start returning a bunch of sms, need to get a new sim card.
saturday were going on a ghost tour for simons birthday. should be very very interesting indeed. it better be scarey or ill want my money back.
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01:34pm 31/10/2002
  agtregtksdkguhdskgh grrrr stupid reproductive organs!
ah well at least we had a lurvely night last night ::wink wink::
today we go away for a week.
ill see all you luvely coast people on the weekend.
hopefully ill have my op before i come back up
05:41pm 29/10/2002
mood: excited
OooOooOoOOoooOoo oOOooO oOoOooOOOooOooo!
im happy
things are going good
there is much to plan
we are most likely moving after we get back from melbourne
i am very very pleased with this. there is just a lot of loose ends to tie but it should work out well. is going to put my orginisational skills to the test.
OoOOooOoooo excited!
its been an absoloute nightmare trying to plan and budget everything happening soon- doctors, centrelink, hospital, band rehearsal, simons 30th, going to bundaberg, scott starting work, soulfly, scott finishing work, melbourne, xmas, new years, bdo, byron...
08:47pm 28/10/2002
mood: thoughtful
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06:42pm 28/10/2002
mood: determined
all this clutter definatly needs to be thrown away...
06:49pm 27/10/2002
mood: bouncy
ooo the thing theyre going to put in me looks good. much better then taking the pill. its all gotten worse and im almost out of painkillers but scotts on his way home so thats all good. definatly reevaluating my life and priorities, sick of being trampled on by people who pretend to be my friends but are only there when its convinent for them. ah well life goes on.
im in a pretty good mood mentally right now :)
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01:31pm 27/10/2002
mood: sad
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03:13pm 25/10/2002
mood: anxious
my visit to the hospital went ok cept i got lost getting there and walked around in the heat for two hours. lucky i went so early. but they were really nice and made me feel lots better. i have to go in for a laproscopy and a hysteroscopy, because i probably have endometriosis. if anyone has expierance with any of these and would like to share please do. xo
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08:41pm 23/10/2002
mood: scared
hospital again tomorrow, this time for me.
mums working, dads working, scotts in brisbane.
im terrified.
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03:01pm 22/10/2002
  everyone do this: How
Compatible are You with me?
07:49pm 21/10/2002
mood: exhausted
vodka 1 - jo 0
potato and gravy is my god
miss my boi